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401K Jailbreak

Breaking Through Barriers & Take Control Over 401K Assets

How would you like to access your working spouse’s 401k money without taxes, penalty while protecting your plan assets from stock market volatility? An additional benefit or bonus is that you can now plan assets to help offset the cost of treating your special needs child or simply increasing plan assets without the ups and downs of market volatility. Wealth management and plan assets can help:

  • Rescue 401k Assets from high costs and low performances
  • Eliminate Stock Market Volatility
  • Access plan assets to offset ongoing cost of treating a special needs child
  • Increase option of assets being available when you need it

Suppose you’re a community property state; you’re married; and you work for an employer that sponsors a 401K or other retirement plan for its employees. The kinds of investments permitted by your financial plan are of course the typical Wall Street variety – stock, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Over the years, your plan assets have seen growth and losses, and you are concerned about the continued impact of the market volatility. You would love to protect your accumulated account balances while finding an opportunity for sustainable growth levels in order to use excess growth for offsetting your special needs child’s ongoing treatment costs or simply to optimize growth for retirement planning purposes but it looks as though that will never happen. But wait—there’s a solution!

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