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Special Needs Planning – Do I ACTUALLY NEED IT?

This is the MILLION DOLLAR question that every family with a special needs child has to wrestle with in addition to the barriers below that most families have to overcome:

  • I don’t know where to begin. It is all too overwhelming
  • I don’t know whom to trust
  • I don’t have enough time
  • I don’t have enough money. ( Did you know that if you have over $2000 you have enough to disqualify your loved one from government benefits?)

It is, without doubt, a parent’s greatest concern for their special needs child – the hope that over time they will improve and become self-sufficient. In order to address this concern, parents have to take a very hard look at their child’s abilities as they exist today and ask themselves, “If I was no longer able to care for my child TODAY, would he/she be able to care for themselves? If your conclusion is NO, then you owe it to your child to explore financial planning options for kids with special needs.

Parents have a difficult balancing act to maintain. They face extraordinary demands between work and caring for their loved ones with special needs. It is stressful when you also add the issue of financial planning and the additional cost of caring for your special needs child over their lifetime. There are also dwindling investments to account for (retirement and saving accounts). Tack on the impact of taxes, inflation, and stock market volatility and you can become thoroughly overwhelmed. I know from personal experience that this can leave you feeling like a deer in the headlights—you are paralyzed not knowing which way to go.

You deserve options that empower you to choose. However, we realize that making sound financial decisions today requires a clear understanding of your present circumstances and a willingness to explore options that can usher change for a better future for you and your special needs child. To that end, we can help, because, like you, we are also personally vested in this process and journey.

We provide parents with the option to create a Sustainable Special Needs Plan based on our Wealth Creation, Acceleration, and Preservation Strategy that leverages all their assets to work in concert with one another. Like a great maestro conducting a symphony orchestra, our Wealth Creation, Acceleration, and Preservation Plan orchestrates and blends multiple financial instruments into a finely tuned arrangement that works in concert to satisfy all of your special needs financial goals with a foundation built around:

  • Protection – Protect Principal & Gains from stock market volatility
  • Reasonable Growth Rates – Double Digits Growth (Predictably & Sustainably)
  • Tax-Advantage – Tax-Free Use of Funds
  • Liquid – Access to Cash for Opportunities
  • Arbitrage – Be Your OWN BANK (Don’t pay the banks, pay yourself)
  • Benefit Program – Maximize Federal, State, & Private Benefits

More importantly, we utilize what you already have as a foundation to Create, Accelerate, and Preserve your wealth for your Sustainable Special Advisory Needs Plan.

As a way to educate special needs families about how they can benefit from consulting with a financial advisor and creating a Sustainable Special Needs Advisory Plan today, we are introducing a discussion series via the following channels (SSNAP Radio, BlogRadio; Itunes, Stictcher, TuneIn, Newsletters; and Webinars); on how to Create a Sustainable Special Needs Advisory Plan.