Growth You Deserve

Growth You Deserve
MCompanies presents a new and innovative type of 401k/IRA Plan that is non-captive while driven around our innovative Wealth, Creation, Acceleration, and Preservation Strategy (WCAP).

As you may know, most investment decisions are driven around three key objectives: gains, liquidity, and protection. However, there are trade-offs and traditionally you can only get two of these three choices under most circumstances.

For example, if you wanted to invest in the stock market, you will have the potential for gains and liquidity. However, you will lose protection. If you wanted to be in a cash position, you will have liquidity and protection but will lose gains.

This rule tends to be consistent across the board for all investments today. So, how did we solve this issue? We’ve changed the playing field by creating a process which allows our clients to take advantage of all three choices: gains, liquidity, and protection within a unified strategy – the Wealth CAP (Wealth Creation, Acceleration, & Preservation). Our unique WCAP Strategy helps small business owners and their staff sustainably increase their 401k/IRA retirement account values without unnecessary exposure to stock market volatility while addressing the impact of taxes, inflation, longevity, market volatility, and debt. We are also deeply committed to helping families create a Sustainable Special Needs Advisory Plan (SSNAP) for those families who have children with Special Needs.