Creative & Innovative

MCompanies is an independent, privately-owned firm that provides investment advisory, insurance, real estate investment, real estate development, consumer lending, and commercial lending services through the affiliates of businesses (Marwieh Advisory Services, LLC., MInsurance, MFinance & Development, LLC).

We believe in helping small business owners and individuals sustainably increase their investment and retirement values without unnecessary exposure to stock market volatility, while addressing the impact of Taxes, Inflation, Longevity, Market Volatility, and Debt. We are deeply committed to helping families create and Sustainable Special Needs Advisory Plan for those families that have been touched by a Special Needs Child.

We empower business owners and families through the creation, acceleration, and preservation of their wealth using what they already have as a foundation that is built around these following core values:

  • Protection
  • Gains
  • Tax-Advantage
  • Liquidity
  • Arbitrage
  • SN Benefits Program
  • SSI Maximization
  • 401K JailBreak
  • QP Tax Rescue

We firmly believe that in order for any Comprehensive Wealth CAP Road Map Plan to truly be effective, it must include management of both assets (investments) and liabilities (debt). Only then will clients be able to maximize their true wealth building capacity and enjoy financial independence.

Let Us help you take the confusion, uncertainty and financial anxiety out of your investment, insurance, retirement, and special needs planning.

” We believe that to create wealth, you must earn more interest than you pay in interest and taxes each year. Further, that Wealth creation is not necessarily about how much you grow your assets, but about how much you get to keep…Your NET RESULTS!”