Being Different Is What Defines Us

MCompanies, is an independent privately-owned firm that provides investment advisory, insurance, real estate investment, real estate development, consumer lending, and commercial lending services through it’s affiliates of businesses (Marwieh Advisory Services, LLC., MInsurance, MFinance & Development, LLC). Our focus is sustainably increasing our client’s portfolio values without unnecessary exposure to stock market volatility, while addressing the impact of Taxes, Inflation, Longevity, Market Volatility, and Debt. We are also deeply committed to helping families create a Sustainable Special Needs Plan for those families that have been touched by a Special Needs Child. Unlike most financial services providers you may have dealt with in the past, we are a little different in that we are a Net Results Oriented. What this means for our clients is that our focus is on your Net Results. Making money is Great, but one of the key things many people often overlook is “What Did I Keep”? By this I mean after INTEREST, TAXES and FEES – what did I Net? This is why it is important to note that “There are two kinds of Interest; the kind you earn and the kind you pay. To create Wealth, you must EARN more interest than you PAY OUT (Interest, Taxes, & Fees) each year”. We show you how you can consistently and sustainably earn more interest than what it is costing you in (Interest, Taxes, & Fees) every year.

Our wealth building process begins with getting organized which requires a clear understanding of your present circumstances and a willingness to explore options that can usher change for a better future for you and your family. However, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming amount of work. In fact, our goal is to make the whole process surprisingly simple, yet thorough. Imagine all of your finances organized into a simple Wealth CAP Plan (Wealth Creation, Acceleration & Preservation Plan) and then compiled into an easy to read report which exposes you to the real strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats of your finances.

Marwieh Advisory Services can help you simplify your money in order to help you create, accelerate, and preserve your wealth using what you already have as a foundation around:​

  • Protection – Protect Principal & Gains from stock market volatility
  • Gains – Grow Investment Assets Predictably & Sustainably
  • Tax-Advantage – Tax Free Account Creation and Use of Funds
  • Liquidity – Access to Cash for Opportunities
  • Arbitrage – Be Your OWN BANK (Don’t pay the banks, pay yourself)
  • SN Benefits Program – Maximize Federal, State, & Private Benefit Programs for special needs child
  • SSI Maximization – Determine when best to begin taking social security income
  • 401K Jailbreak – Partitioning of an active 401k without penalties or being divorced
  • QP Tax Rescue – Rescuing Qualified Retirement Plan from the ravages of taxes

We help organize your Assets AND Liabilities, and that’s one of the keys that makes us different. We understand how liabilities (debt) can get in the way of building Assets (savings/investments). In addition, we review your investment strategy and insurance needs through our Strategic Wealth CAP Plan (Wealth Creation, Acceleration & Preservation Plan) and craft a road map plan to meet your needs.

Once organized, we take you through our Interactive Planning Process based on your specific needs. Further, as a Net Planning Firm, we believe that to create wealth, you must earn more interest than you pay out in (interest, taxes, & fees) each year. In other words, our key focus is what your “Net Results” will be. What Uncle Sam and the State Governments allow you to keep!