Protecting Your Family For Life Changes

No one ever knows for sure when, where, and how our lives, and thus ability to generate income, will end. The primary objective of life insurance (aka: risk management) is to convert the uncertainty that a person may not be able to meet all financial obligations in the event of a possible misfortune into the certainty that these financial obligations will be fulfilled. These financial obligations may include short and long-term financial needs during life and upon death:

  • Provide for spouse, children, and other financial dependents during pre and post-retirement.
  • Pay off final expenses, estate taxes, state inheritance taxes, and administrative costs
  • Pay off all debts and mortgages
  • Provide funds for education
  • Pass on assets to heirs
  • Transfer ownership of a business or protect a business against the lost of key employees.
  • Maintain adequate emergency funds
  • Provide funds for charity
  • Create opportunities for retirement, etc.

    Risk Management focuses on utilizing Life Insurance as a simple estate and financial planning toolset to better meet our client planning needs. Types of insurance products we utilize range from:
  • Term Life Policies
  • Whole Life Policies
  • Universal Life Policies
  • Equity Index Universal Life Policies
  • Disability Policies
  • LTC Policies
  • Annuities
  • Life Settlements