5/20/2016 – West Craig Project Update

(APPROVED! Construction Commences on May 23, 2016)

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5/10/2016 – SSNAP – The Book : A Paradigm Shift In Special Needs Planning

I am happy to share that I have finally wrapped up the first draft manuscript on the SSNAP Book and have uploaded it to the editors at Createspace. The book will be published in two versions: an eBook and in Paperback over multiple channels.

I am hoping to go to print in July/August 2016. You can get an advance peek at the table of contents by clicking the link below.

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5/10/2016 – Stage 2 Deployment To Stage 3

The WCAP/SSNAP process has matured over the last 4 years. At the end of this month (May 2016), will marked the first WCAP/SSNAP Case for the deployment of funds from a Stage 2 Account to a Stage 3 Account. This is incredible to see and experience as the WCAP/SSNAP Process matures while delivering it’s promises to families.

take control of YOUR FINANCES

Are you fed up with Stock Market Volatility in your 401K Plan?

Well, I’ve got great news for you if you live in the State of Texas. We have just completed our 3rd case of a Special Needs Family that has through court approval executed our 401k JailBreak Strategy and partitioned the working spouse 401k plan without being divorced, penalties, or taxes.

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