Wealth Planning “For Everyday American Families”

As you know and probably will agree, most individuals are primarily invested in Qualified Funds (IRA, 401k, 403b, 457, 529 College Savings Plans, VA, VUL, Real Estate, etc.) and consistently struggle with trying to determine the best investment choices for their accounts, balancing growth against market volatility, and understanding when to be in the market or out of the market while keeping investment fees and AUM fees cost under control. The primary strategy used to manage these accounts and the one recommended by Wall Street is “Buy & Hold”. Quite frankly, that strategy leaves much to be desired and is responsible for most Americans losing up to 40% of their investment accounts … Not once, but twice over the past 15 years. More importantly, What are you doing TODAY that you did not do YESTERDAY to make your TOMORROW better than TODAY?

Now more than ever, families need someone to help them navigate their financial affairs. Unfortunately, most American families usually avoid the services of a financial profession for two simple reasons:

  • Most Americans view financial professionals as just product sales people that are only interested in selling them a product to make their next paycheck and ultimately someone that is not after their best interest. Unfortunately, this has been true since most financial professionals for lack of a better analogy have simply sold individuals a Boat to operate on dry land.

  • Most Americans perceive that engaging the services of a Professional Financial Advisor is a luxury they can’t afford in today’s economic environment.

We feel differently! We believe that like every road trip should begin with a good road map for plotting your travel course, so must every family have a Financial Road Map to guide their financial journey to financial empowerment. In keeping with this mindset of helping as many families reach financial independence as possible, we feel that our interest must also align with those of our clients. To show our firm commitment to this objective, while setting us apart from our competitors, our innovative Wealth Creation, Acceleration, and Preservation ( Wealth CAP) advisory process is:

  • A very affordable fixed annual fee (Basically anyone can afford)

  • The Fixed Annual Fee is NOW PERFORMANCE BASED. In other words, if we can’t make you money … YOU Do Not Pay US Period!

This is the New Deal … Our Guarantee to American Families! Our goal is to help families bridge the financial and investment planning gap by providing Families with much needed quality professional Financial Advisory Services at rates that the average American can afford.